This little light of mine

One of my favorite Bible songs growing up was the song called “This little light of mine.” I loved the words, the hand motions, all of it. I woke up this morning thinking about the promise of the new year and all that lies ahead, and that song was in my head. I believe that things happen for a reason – there was some reason that song was playing in my mind. So I sat down with my Bible and began to look at scripture that contained the word “light.”
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Why do I feel so alone…

The house is quiet. It’s late. I’m alone. I spent a beautiful evening at Foundation Community Churchs Christmas by Candlelight service tonight with our new church family. Pastor Scott and Jennifer created a lovely atmosphere, Pastor Simon (Scott’s dad) brought an awesome message, the food was delicious, communion and candlelighting were powerful…basically an awesome night. Then we went on to Brian’s mom’s house with his kids to celebrate and open presents. We smiled and laughed and really had a good time together. And then it was time to go home Continue reading

One year later

The weekend is over – at least according to the calendar. But it is still being replayed in my mind over and over.  It was a weekend that we had anticipated and looked forward to for some time. On December 10, 2010 Faith Passage played our first “show” at Now or Latte Cafe in Trenton, Ohio. We had only begun writing songs a few months prior to this – but couldn’t wait to get out there and share them with people. A lot has changed in this last year Continue reading

The Power of Prayer

Brian and I were honored to lead worship for Offerings Ministries first Saturday night worship service. We got to meet many great people and were overwhelmed by the evening. Felix brought a great message from the Word and the spirit of the Lord was most definitely present in that place. I think that the most powerful moments of the entire night came with prayer. Many people in the room had prayer requests and shared them. Many faithful people circled together in this small space and lifted those requests up to God. Emotions were shared freely, tears shed, and honest fervent prayers were offered up to our Father God. I feel very blessed to have been a small part of the evening. I have always believed in the power of prayer – can’t imagine a single hour of a single day without talking to my heavenly Father – but I have never been a part of a prayer service so special. It was a beautiful, powerful evening…very glad Faith Passage was there for it!

“…and a light unto my path.”

Recently, Faith Passage was asked to lead worship at the Tree of Life church in Hamilton. While we have played at many different events and at various churches, we had never led worship, but we felt that God was in this so we accepted the invitation. Pastor Dan Broxterman asked us if we could do Amy Grant’s “Thy Word” during the service to tie in with his message. This song, which has been around for decades, is so simple but so powerful at the same time. It’s funny how “things” come into our minds and lives and sometimes we don’t really see their significance initially. Brian and I are constantly praying about the mission of Faith Passage and about what we should be doing with our ministry. This song is helping us understand the scope of things. At dinner this weekend, our dear friends Kim and Felix Russo, tried to help us make sense of the mission of our ministry. Felix quoted this verse: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” Psalm 119:105. Hmmm…the same verse that the song we were asked to sing is based on. He explained it like this and it has really stuck with me. When you are on a path – or trying to find a path – and using a lamp, the lamp does not illuminate the entire path. Rather, the lamp lights the path directly in front of you – just a little bit at a time. Faith Passage may not truly understand where our path is leading…but we are following God’s lead…His word is our lamp and it is lighting the way for us. We cannot always see the “big picture” but we trust in God’s word and know that He is guiding our actions and our direction. I am thankful for Pastor Dan for requesting such a beautiful song, and thankful for friends like Kim and Felix who offer wisdom and advice. Faith Passage Ministries will continue to follow the path that God has laid out for us as we walk in His light.

My prayer for today

Brian and I formed Faith Passage just over a year ago and began writing and sharing our music with others soon after that. I never thought that I could write songs and was apprehensive (to say the least) the first few times I shared lyric ideas with him. It was difficult to put something out there that I had written…what if it only made sense to me? what if he didn’t like it? what if it is just awful? I have since gotten over (almost) many of those feelings when we sit down to create together. Partially because we have written numerous songs together in the last year  and have grown together through that process, but also because I have learned a lot about myself as a writer and as a person. I have learned that the lyrics that I write are what is on my heart at that time. Things that I am feeling may spark the first line or chorus of a song. My feelings and my thoughts are what I am truly experiencing at any moment and God understands them. God knows what I’m thinking. God created in me the ability to think and to feel – and to write. I no longer get anxious when I share things – because I know that I write from my heart. I just hope and pray that the songs we create help share our faith and touch lives. This song that I want to share is one the most “simple” songs, lyrically, that we have written. These are words that I try to pray every day of my life and I love sharing this song with others.

Lead Me

Lead me, God

Lead me today

And guide me

Show me the way

Speak to me

Open my mind

And show me

Open my eyes

Change me

Make me brand new

And work in me

Make me like you

Lead me, God

Lead me today

PS I finished this post and went outside to cut the grass. As I mowed I was nagged by the feeling that I had forgotten to say everything that I wanted/needed to say in this post – and then it hit me. I am only half of the songwriting duo that is Faith Passage. Brian is an amazing guitar player and songwriter. He writes beautiful music to which I am honored to add lyrics. Without his creativity and amazing skills, my lyrics would be nothing. And now, I must finish the grass…

The Evolution of a Guitar Player

Some of my earliest memories of music as a child are of the acoustic guitar. I can remember my daddy picking up his guitar with the strings curling wildly around the tuners (not sure why he didn’t ever cut them) and playing “Froggy Went-a Courtin.'” My whole family was very musical and both of my older brothers played the acoustic guitar. We also listened to a lot of bluegrass music (still a favorite to this day) and I marveled at the sounds that came from those guitars and banjos and mandolins. I am certain that all of this exposure to acoustic instruments is what has always fueled my passion for those sounds. When Brian and I formed Faith Passage he had never played the acoustic guitar but rather grew up playing and learning on an electric guitar. I worried that he would not be as intrigued by the acoustic but certainly hoped it would grow on him. Watching his evolution as an acoustic guitar player has been amazing, rewarding, and definitely enlightening. Brian is NOT content with imitating anyone else. He has taken to this new instrument and in a very short time period has developed his very own style. He looks toward other guitar players for inspiration and “ideas” but always takes what he learns and makes it his own. Everywhere we play, people comment on his style and sound. I am so blessed and honored to be able to write and perform with such a talented, gifted musician. I often don’t want to put lyrics over the stuff he comes up with because it could stand alone – beautifully. Brian is an original. He is disciplined and talented and never afraid to try new things to push himself beyond his comfort level to create amazing music. It has been such a memorable journey watching him grow and evolve as a guitarist, and artist, and a person. I am so grateful for my earliest memories of music and the guitar, and so thankful that those memories carry through in our own music today.