Missing mom

My parents are away visiting my baby sister in Canada. They have been gone for almost 3 weeks now. Since life has gotten so busy, I usually don’t see my mom everyday – sometimes we go for two or three weeks without seeing each other…but there’s just something about her being so far away right now. I miss her. She’s always there to help me with the kids at a moment’s notice. I can always call and ask her those stupid questions I’m embarrassed to ask anyone else. Life gets crazy and we don’t talk nearly as much as we used to…but she’s still mom. I wrote this poem several years back about her. I’ll be glad when she’s back home.

You taught me…

You taught me that
It’s okay to nap
In the tub

You taught me to
Give of myself
To those who need

You taught me that
There is no such thing
As too many shoes

You taught me that
Laughter is key
To a good life

You taught me that
Sometimes the cookie dough
Is as good as the cookie

You taught me the
Most important thing ever…
How to be a Mom

Mr. Intensity

I wrote this poem several years ago about my son. He must have only been about 9 years old at the time I decided to write about him and his nature. Growing up, my daddy wrote poems about my sister and me and I can remember how special it made me feel. I wanted to try to follow that same tradition and write about my children. As I revisit this piece now, I chuckle a bit at the last line…”my little man.” My little man now towers over me…has feet twice the size of mine…and I believe his heart has grown even bigger and more caring! 



They call him

“Mr. Intensity”

On the field


But it fits


In everyway


He is passionate

And intense

Emotional and loyal


The kind of personality

That draws a crowd

And then entertains them


He in tender

And caring when

No one is looking


He will have his

Heart broken

Many times


But it will not

Change his intense

Caring nature


He is my

Little man


Around Poem

As I have mentioned before, I created a writing portfolio for my senior capstone class at Miami University. Through the course of that class I wrote many poems and short narratives that all revolved around the main subject of home. Being a “non-traditional” student, I had many experiences and years to draw upon for these pieces. One of the exercises we did in class led to the following poem I use this exercise with my middle school students now and find that it is a great way to write about life’s important events. For lack of a better title, I call it “My around poem.”

My Around Poem

Around 2006, I returned to school and was labeled non-traditional. 

Around 1979, my oldest brother left home at the age of 16 without saying goodbye.

Around 1997, after 18 hours of labor, my first child came into the world.

Around 2007, on a bitter, cold morning, my Grandpa died.

Around 1975, I stood at the bus stop waiting for my first day of kindergarten…the bus never came. 

Around 1993, I married my high school sweetheart.

Around 1974, I watched my dog Benji get hit by a car while I played in the front yard.

Around 2001, on an icy morning, I gave birth to my daughter.

Around 2008, I watched my brother’s son marry his high school sweetheart.

Around 2003, I walked my son to school for his first day of kindergarten…we didn’t take any chances with the bus.

Around 1977, I was forever changed by the actions of another.

Around 1984, I kissed a boy for the first time – at the county fair. His name was Nick.

Around 2008, my high school sweetheart and I ended our 15-year marriage…at the breakfast table.

Around 2006, my son and I walked my daughter to school for her first day of kindergarten.

Around 1985, I had my heart broken for the first time.

Around 2008, I learned to be me again…still non-traditional.

“why do i write?”

My senior capstone class at Miami University was a writing class. I would say it was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Our semester-long project was to create a writing portfolio that was loosely centered around one theme or subject. I chose “home” as my central idea. The pieces that came from this semester of writing are so different from each other but all relate to my definition of home. I have kept this writing portfolio to myself since that semester. I have shared some poems here and there with people in my life…but until yesterday had never thought about posting poetry on here (I read a great blog yesterday that spurred the idea!).

why do i write?

i write for me

to feel to grieve

to let go and to remember

i write for validation

from my soul

and from my mind

i write to say those things

that i will never

have the strength to speak aloud

i write to heal

to mend old wounds

and bandage fresh cuts

i write to make my world

meaningful, real, and

worth living in.