My prayer for today

Brian and I formed Faith Passage just over a year ago and began writing and sharing our music with others soon after that. I never thought that I could write songs and was apprehensive (to say the least) the first few times I shared lyric ideas with him. It was difficult to put something out there that I had written…what if it only made sense to me? what if he didn’t like it? what if it is just awful? I have since gotten over (almost) many of those feelings when we sit down to create together. Partially because we have written numerous songs together in the last year ¬†and have grown together through that process, but also because I have learned a lot about myself as a writer and as a person. I have learned that the lyrics that I write are what is on my heart at that time. Things that I am feeling may spark the first line or chorus of a song. My feelings and my thoughts are what I am truly experiencing at any moment and God understands them. God knows what I’m thinking. God created in me the ability to think and to feel – and to write. I no longer get anxious when I share things – because I know that I write from my heart. I just hope and pray that the songs we create help share our faith and touch lives. This song that I want to share is one the most “simple” songs, lyrically, that we have written. These are words that I try to pray every day of my life and I love sharing this song with others.

Lead Me

Lead me, God

Lead me today

And guide me

Show me the way

Speak to me

Open my mind

And show me

Open my eyes

Change me

Make me brand new

And work in me

Make me like you

Lead me, God

Lead me today

PS I finished this post and went outside to cut the grass. As I mowed I was nagged by the feeling that I had forgotten to say everything that I wanted/needed to say in this post – and then it hit me. I am only half of the songwriting duo that is Faith Passage. Brian is an amazing guitar player and songwriter. He writes beautiful music to which I am honored to add lyrics. Without his creativity and amazing skills, my lyrics would be nothing. And now, I must finish the grass…