Sweet summertime

photoThe house is quiet, the coffee is hot and filling the air with a “comfortable” aroma. The date at the top the page reads July 24th. Summer is speeding by…moments like these will be packed away soon for another season. Bible study has become my favorite part of each day – but especially int he summer, when I’m not really on a schedule. On a summer day I can dig into the word and get lost in my study time – not having to worry about getting ready for work, for being on time, the day that lies ahead. I can let the word lead me from one subject to the next, as prompted by the Spirit. To me it has become beautiful time of discovery. About my God, and about myself. I am so grateful for these quiet moments in the morning spent with my creator.

Praying, serving, inspiring…one cup at a time.

Brian and I often talk about one of the best parts about the journey we have been on since forming Faith Passage is the amazing people we have met along the way. Last November, Faith Passage was brand new and we were in the process of setting up some shows to play. Brian and I walked into the newly opened Offerings Holy Grounds Cafe on Main Street in Hamilton, Ohio. We had no idea that this meeting would be the start of a wonderful friendship! That night, we met Kim and Felix Russo. They had recently started their ministry in Hamilton (the way that all happened is a story of inspiring faith – will share that at some point) and were looking for local Christian music groups to perform on Saturday nights. After talking with them for about an hour, Brian and I decided to play our second ever show at Offering’s a few weeks later. Since playing that show, we have had the privilege and honor to get to know Kim and Felix better. These two are amazing people. I want to tell you a bit about their work and their hearts because they are the kind of servants that I hope to be. I know that I do not even see all of the work they do each and everyday, but I want to share just a bit about them. Their hearts for the people of the city of Hamilton, and their faithfulness to listen and follow God’s plan for them is inspiring. They both work in the cafe (which supports their ministry) full time. They have transformed an old building on Main Street to house their kitchen, gift shop, dining area, prayer room, library, offices, and meeting rooms. Kim and Felix work feverishly to unite the pastors and ministers from all faiths to pray for the people of Hamilton. They host breakfasts for local ministers to meet and pray. They pray fervently over those they come in contact with on a day to day basis. Kim and Felix have recently started serving the homeless lunch every Sunday in their cafe. They put on events to show God’s love to those in the neighborhoods around their cafe. These things are only part of what Kim and Felix do every day to serve. I watch them working and their love for people and for the Lord comes through in everything they do. This couple really kind of gave Brian and me our start and they have been big supporters of Faith Passage ever since. Their passion for people is contagious. I am blessed to know them and thank God for making our paths cross. I pray that God will work in them and bless their ministry as they continue to grow. Felix often jokes that they feel like proud parents as they witness the growth of Faith Passage’s music ministry…I only hope that someday I will be like them when I grow up!