Being Human

There are a lot of things that are hard about being human. Life is messy. Sometimes it’s hard. And at times it just sucks. I think that the hardest thing about being human is emotions. Emotions are powerful! They can be debilitating. Sometimes they can’t be contained. Now before I go any further I will acknowledge that there are plenty of good, positive emotions that arty the same attributes as the bad ones. For example, pure joy can overflow and cause tears of happiness. But there are also plenty of “negative” emotions that are just as strong, if not stronger. One of these is anger. It can be ugly. It will control the mind and the tongue, causing thoughts and words that are not truly reflective of the person speaking them. Sadness, hurt, pain and loneliness kind of all wrap up into one big pile of messiness that can weigh down and smother ones spirit. I think that one of the hardest feelings I have dealing with is when someone I love is experiencing sadness or pain. This feeling should really have a name of its own. I have learned how to cope with (perhaps not in the best way) my own emotions…but for me to watch someone I love suffer through anger or sadness is nearly overwhelming. But the flip side is even sweeter too. The joy of watching someone you love be at peace and filled with their own joy is amazing (sorry that word is so overused). So I’m not really sure what my point is (if there is one at all) Exocet that I am truly fascinated with the ability to feel things the way we do as humans. It makes me wonder how Jesus dealt with his array of emotions while he was human. The Bible talks about his anger. And sorrow. And grief. And yet we know he never once sinned even as he dealt with those emotions. I’m fascinated by his mind and his thoughts. And it brings me comfort to know that since he did walk the earth as a human that he felt the same things I do. He understand my prayers when I ask for help dealing with my human emotions.

2 comments on “Being Human

  1. Michele Hoskins says:

    You are so right! For me I have a hard time reigning in my emotions. I am a compassionate person and most of the time because I feel so deeply it overwhelms me. I am learning through God’s word how to use it for good and not destroy, especially me. I have learned to stop……ask God to clarify my emotions and feelings and to allow Him to speak through me when I react. It is daily that I have to do this but as long as I keep focused I do okay. I fail miserably all the time but at those times I realize that I didn’t let God take over FIRST. Thinking about how Jesus struggled at more than a hundred times stronger than me is truly an amazing goal to strive for. He was human too and taught everyone how to focus on God to get you through your feelings and emotions. I want to make Him proud. I try hard to close my eyes when I get overwhelmed and feel like I’m losing control over my emotions and feelings and pray for God to take ME out of the picture and work through me. God made me compassionate for a reason and I pray that I continue to utilize my “emotions and feelings” for His good. I pray that he channels what he gave me to shine his light and show others His love.

    • julessuman says:

      Wow…thanks for reading and commenting. I know that we are all works in progress and I know that God works all things for good. He created us to be the way we are…and we are image bearers. I, like you, have to OFTEN reign my emotions in. Love you!

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