Bible Study # 5 How can you sleep right now?

stormFor this post, I thought I would do things just a little bit differently. I will share the text for the story, and then the discussion questions. I think this will give everyone a chance to really dive into the Word, study it, come up with their own observations and share them through comments. I hope that makes sense.

The story I want to share can be found in 3 of the 4 gospels. Let’s look at it in Luke 8: 22-25. On this day, Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat and to cross to the other side. As they did, Jesus took a nap (justification for my afternoon naps! Even Jesus napped!) A violent storm surrounded the boat…you can read the rest!

Discussion questions.

1. Jesus napped…do you think this was intentional on Jesus’ part?

2. What does this tell us about the authority of Jesus?

3. What do you think about the way the disciples reacted?

4. Talk about a time that you felt Jesus slept through your storm.

5. What lessons is God teaching us through this story?

5 comments on “Bible Study # 5 How can you sleep right now?

  1. Michele Hoskins says:

    I really love this story! Such a true lesson in faith…and boy do I need that now.
    1. I believe that Jesus napped to show that he was not afraid and that no matter what happened that he would be safe. He was trying to teach them that God would calm anyone’s storm as long as they have faith. My storm is absolutely raging right now and I am opening my eyes as to how much faith that I really have. I really believe that God is teaching me just like Jesus was teaching the disciples to just close your eyes and let God calm the storm. Have faith that you will always be safe.
    2. I think that this is a true testament to Jesus’ divine power. If he can calm the winds and raging water with just a wave of his hand then the problems that we see as storms (which are not, compared to the story in the Bible) then he can conquer any problem or issue by just letting Him take over.
    3. I believe that their reactions were similar to what our reactions are all the time. When God shows his mighty power because of our faith then we just sit back and are amazed. We really shouldn’t be. I tell myself all the time that I truly believe that Jesus can do anything and then I turn around and try and do it myself. I feel as if God is trying to tell me to “BE STILL”. This is what Jesus did when he took a nap.
    4. A couple of weeks ago I felt very alone and empty. The love of my life tossed me aside like I was dirt and I felt lost. I will be honest, I still don’t feel right. I feel as if I have done something to anger God. I know that he has not left me. It just felt like it a couple of weeks ago. I have been diligent about praying daily and reading my Bible so that I can maybe see in words what is going on. On Sunday God answered my prayer and sent Susan to church to comfort me. It was if he already knew. Sometimes I think that I just get too caught up in daily struggles that I lose sight of Him and I disconnect. I am trying to work on this and I know that he will restore.
    5. God is teaching us about true faith. He’s telling us to stop being afraid of what we don’t see (WOW… a brick just hit me in the face…LOL). Stop selling him short, because “We can do ALL!!!!! THINGS through Christ our Lord”.
    Thanks Jules….I really needed this. Love to you all.

    • julessuman says:

      Michele, Don’t you love when God reveals himself to us in such powerful ways that speak to us in our own storms!? I feel like I say this every time to you – but I love your honesty and transparency. I know that you are being tossed around in your own storm right now – but I also know that you love God and believe in His power to calm it! Love you!

  2. julessuman says:

    1. When I had first read this story, I didn’t get the whole “Jesus settled down for a nap” thing! I was like the disciples yelling “How can you nap at a time like this!” But like most of the Bible, the more I study and the more God opens my heart to receive more of him, the easier is becomes to see the deeper meaning of things. I absolutely believe that Jesus napping was intentional. I think it was a very concrete way for him to show the disciples that they had to learn to live by faith in all moments – especially the really tough ones.
    2.I still an amazed at the absolute authority of Jesus. A violent storm is raging around, wind, waves, rain…and he speaks! That’s it. A word calms it all in an instant. His voice calms the storm. Hmmm. I wonder how many times in the middle of my own storms have I just simply not heard his voice speaking. Have I been so caught up in my fear and anguish that I didn’t hear his calming words.
    3.I think the disciples reacted like humans! They got caught up in the intensity of the moment and fear become stronger than faith. I imagine (pretty certain) that I would have reacted the same way. But what a great concrete lesson for them! Imagine being taught about faith by Jesus himself.
    4.Over the course of my marriage to Brian there have been times when I just was yelling at God – telling him to wake up and help me through my storm. When we married we each had children of our own. We did everything we felt God would want us to do to establish our new home and our blended family. We prayed like crazy, we studied and asked for guidance and shared God with our kids. And our blended family was a mess! It was so difficult at times just to be in this house. I kept thinking “God, why would you bring me to he point of finding such a Godly man to love and then let this family be such a disaster?!” My faith was shaken by the way that things were. Relationships were not formed, people just weren’t speaking to each other – in our home. But we have stayed the course and tried to let our faith overtake our fear and God is working it all out.
    5.There are always going to be storms in life. God tells us in his word that this life will not be easy. It’s really about how you get through those storms. Do we go through them full of faith or full of fear. I also think that he’s teaching us that sometimes he is going to sleep through our storms. Not because he doesn’t love us, but because he loves us so much that he wants us to rely on our faith to see us through.

  3. Roxann says:

    Love your comments, girls! They always make me think deeper & look at things from a different perspective. From another study of this passage, the writer said the Creator of the storm was also the Controller of the storm. God created me and is in control of my life if I will allow Him to be. I am a huge (and I do mean HUGE) control freak, so this story sometimes shames me while reassuring me that there is no storm He cannot and will not see me through. I don’t remember who sings it, but there is a refrain to a song that says “sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child”. He either chooses to remove the crisis or guide me through it…..and the choice depends, I think, on which method will cause me to have a closer relationship to Him. Those oh-so-human disciples reacted just like I have countless times. I now try to remind myself in the midst of my storms to say “for this, I have Jesus” over and over until my fear passes and He blesses me yet again with His peace that passes understanding!

  4. julessuman says:

    I love that Roxann…”for this, I have Jesus.” Its easy sometimes for me to judge the disciples from my perspective, but then I remember that they were human just like us and had to be so scared in the middle of that literal storm. Its easy for us to “detach” from the reality of these “stories” at times…and forget that they were actual events involving actual humans just like us.

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