Sweet summertime

photoThe house is quiet, the coffee is hot and filling the air with a “comfortable” aroma. The date at the top the page reads July 24th. Summer is speeding by…moments like these will be packed away soon for another season. Bible study has become my favorite part of each day – but especially int he summer, when I’m not really on a schedule. On a summer day I can dig into the word and get lost in my study time – not having to worry about getting ready for work, for being on time, the day that lies ahead. I can let the word lead me from one subject to the next, as prompted by the Spirit. To me it has become beautiful time of discovery. About my God, and about myself. I am so grateful for these quiet moments in the morning spent with my creator.

11 comments on “Sweet summertime

  1. michele hoskins says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have summers off but early mornings is my favorite. That’s when I can read my bible and fully concentrate on what God is telling me. Its quiet and I can hear the sounds of the birds outside reminding me of God’s creations. That’s my peace. Then off to tackle the day but with a clear heart.

  2. Brian Suman says:

    I am always envious but also very proud to watch your relentless pursuit to grow your relationship with God. Take all the time in the morning you need.

  3. lizandlifestyle says:

    This must be so wonderful!

  4. Susan says:

    I like to read in the evenings, right before bed. Believe it or not, it makes me sleep so much better. I have different things that helps me in the morning to connect but I like to read at night. 🙂 This new blog Bible study has me super excited to read my Bible more and I was able to talk to my mom about what I’ve learned so far, just last night!

    • juliesuman says:

      I like to read in the evenings to “slow down” too. Right now I’m reading “Crash the Chatterbox” by Steven Furtick…about hearing God’s voice above all others. My problem is that I am usually so tired by bedtime I’m asleep after about 5 minutes. (Age?) So glad you are able to share with your mom!

  5. Susan says:

    You act like you’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOO old.

  6. juliesuman says:

    I mean let’s face it…if the reading glasses fit…

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