Carry your weight

carryOur church is in the midst of transition. Our former Senior Pastor has moved on to another congregation, and in a few days we will vote for our new Senior Pastor – who is moving up from his role Worship Pastor. I am excited about the changes and look forward to things “settling” a bit. In his sermon this past Sunday, Pastor David spoke about his new role of Senior pastor and the weight that he felt as he stepped into it. I thought it was a great point that he made. There is a weight to being in a leadership role. As he said, when someone walks into our sanctuary, he has a responsibility to that person. That is a big weight…but since he is following his calling from God, he can’t give excuses and ignore that responsibility. (Pastor David, if you’re reading this – I hope that’s kind of. sort of close to how you explained it). He then went on to say that ALL of us have a weight that we carry as we live out God’s calling for our lives. Worship leaders, Sunday school teachers, volunteers in outreach, moms, dads, etc. We all have a responsibility to live the live that God planned for us…and sometimes that requires that we carry the weight of that role with us. I thought the sermon was great and I appreciated the words that God spoke through Pastor David that day. But it wasn’t truly until 24 hours later did the significance of those words really hit me. Like a wrecking ball. Over the past month or so, I have watched sin destroy some beautiful things that God had given us. I’ve witnessed people fall from their self-proclaimed “untouchable” stature of faith. It has been heart-breaking for me to watch, and I’m certain it has grieved God. Within the last 24 hours especially, it has become clear that the sin that caused a few to stumble, has greatly affected many others. As Christians, we have a responsibility to one another. We are told in the Bible to lift up or encourage each other daily. We are supposed to walk in community and love others together. When we fail in that duty, and especially when we fall to sin – others are affected! Pastor David was spot on with his point. There is a weight that comes with being a Christian. Especially if you are called to leadership. Or ministry. Or mentoring. If this is your call from God – to lead others – to teach and encourage and instruct (and it sort of is for all of us in a way) then DO YOUR JOB. Walk the walk that you talk to others. Now, before I ruffle too many feathers…I know that not a single one of us is perfect. We will all stumble. We will all make mistakes. When these things happen, we must own them, accept our part, repent, ask for forgiveness, and move on. Sin will happen. But we all have to realize that as Christians, our sin will affect others! There are always consequences for sin…and sometimes, people are a big part of the negative consequence. We have been saved and called by God to live HOLY lives. That is the biggest part of our calling from God. That is a big weight to carry. We will trip. But we still must be holy, because He is holy. My heart is broken for some dear people who have become causalities of another’s sin. I pray for healing and restoration. I pray that we would all be watchful and mindful of those to whom we minister…that we would carry the weight of that seriously and truly understand what is at stake.

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