Speak to me God

morganEach and every day I am amazed at the way the Spirit speaks to me. I know that at times I may sound like a broken record, and I truly wish I could find better ways to express my awe and amazement at the way God works…but the fact is He continues to work and speak and move in my life and I just can’t help but share it. I have often wondered about people who say they “heard from God.” Not that I necessarily doubted them…but more that I just wondered what that sounded like. And why wasn’t I hearing Him? Looking back, my expectations may have been slightly “off.” Perhaps I was waiting for Morgan Freeman to show up in his all white suit and convince me he had a plan. Perhaps I thought there would be thunder and lightning followed by a grand decree from a booming voice in the clouds. Maybe even I thought it would be a series of cryptic dreams for me to interpret. The way God has spoken to me has gone far above and beyond my expectations, though. God has placed some seriously awesome (yes, I just said that) people in my life over the last 6 months. As I have met and gotten to know these Godly men and women, I thought it was such a blessing to be surrounded by friends and church family. But only recently have I truly learned what that blessing really means in my life. They are indeed wonderful friends and people on whom I know I can count. But they are SO much more than this. I am learning more and more that these beautiful people are the vessels that God is using to speak to me. God knows my heart and he knows what I need to hear from him. He gives the people around me the words to share with me. Its just amazing! God has allowed me to open my heart up to people (something I have not done in….forever) and to begin beautiful friendships. He is using those relationships to restore me and to allow me to grow. I love the way God works! And I thank Him for speaking to me through the people he has placed in my life. They have brought fellowship to my door, peace to my pathway, and happiness to my heart.

As I edit and finish this post, I just received a message from one of these dear, beautiful people, telling me she is bringing dinner. I have a sick child at home and this dear friend cooked dinner so that my daughter wouldn’t have to smell food cooking. Proof that God ministers through my friends. Thank you God!

3 comments on “Speak to me God

  1. Brian Suman says:

    When we remain still enough to truly listen He will speak. God is awesome!

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