This past weekend the annual Trenton City-wide Garage Sale took place. If you have never experienced it, it is most certainly a sight to behold. There are so many people in our small little town just scavenging for great bargains. (Sometimes I think it’s the same stuff being sold each year, just from different houses…people buy it up, then sell it the next year). But, this blog is not about the spectacle and wonder of the Trenton Garage Sale. It is, however about the amazing way that God causes all things to work together for good. Brian and I decided that we could certainly stand to clean out some clutter, so we agreed to have a garage sale and put all the money we made towards our ministry, In Our Own Backyard. We also asked our children to gather some of their things they didn’t really use anymore, with the understanding that they would not be getting the proceeds. We gathered up quite a bit of stuff and hoped we would raise enough money to support our ministries’ summer mission. After a long day of sitting in the front yard, with very little people traffic on our street (which was amazing considering the amount of traffic everywhere else) we decided to pack it all up and be done. As we were boxing up all of our potential proceeds, a neighbor from two doors down stopped in to chat. We ended up sharing our stories and how God has moved so powerfully in each of our lives. She shared her struggles with her husband’s illness and we told her they would be in our prayers. It was a wonderful meeting…one that wouldn’t have taken place had we not set up our (unsuccessful) garage sale. After cleaning up, we counted our proceeds….$29. That was it. Hours of preparation and work for $29…an amount that would support roughly 1 week of our summer mission. But, we had met a neighbor who shared our faith…maybe that was God’s plan all along.

The next day, Brian received a phone call from a single mom whom we had the opportunity to serve months and months ago. She was in a really bad spot and just needed some help to get her and her three kids through the week. She gave us a list of things she really needed and we set out, list in hand, to serve. As we checked out, we both had one of those “God moments” when it became really clear why we had had our garage sale. Now, it wasn’t one of those burning bush, booming voice, sky goes dark God moments. But it was most definitely of God. Our total at the checkout was $29.14

I guess the point to all of that is that God works in so many ways in each and everyday of our lives in big ways and small ways. We may not see the why’s all the time, nor may we understand them. But when the why’s become clear to us, it’s a pretty cool experience. I’m so thankful for the presence of God in all aspects of our world. Let us all look for him in every situation and be ready to watch him work in us, through us, and all around us.

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