You tell me, I’ll go with you

I heard a woman on the radio the other day – I knew I would forget her name) talking about battling depression and the highs and lows that come with it. Since I suffer from depression myself I tuned in to listen more closely. What she said about the valleys made sense to me – that with God being the center of my being, the valleys are not as low, nor do they last as long. She also talked about how when no one else in her life can really “relate” or help her out of the valley – it is so comforting to know that Jesus is there – a constant – surrounding her with his love. I could totally relate to the ideas she expressed. But what she said next really made me think about my perspective on things. She said when she wakes up each morning, she asks the Lord where he is going today…and that wherever it is, she is going. Lord…wherever you go today, I will go with you. It really made me think. I stop and think about the prayers I offer up as I start my day. As I drive into work, and I talk with God, am I telling him that I will follow him wherever he leads?It turns out, no. Each morning, I tend to be telling God how my day is going to be – and asking him to show up where and when I need him. Turns out, I’m trying to be the one in charge, and telling Him how it needs to be. Perhaps I should be re-thinking all of that. Doesn’t it really make more sense that I should be following him where He leads? I love when just a single statement makes me stop and question the way I think about things. When one simple idea makes me take notice of the way I’m living life – and try to make some positive changes…its so refreshing. Ever since my thoughts were stirred by this statement I have boldly approached my father in heaven and aked him…where are we going today? My mind has been renewed, my thoughts have been clear, and my focus has been changed. Now, do I still and try control God and tell him where I need him to be….? Yes…I have to admit I do. But I’m learning that things seem to turn out a lot better – according to his plan – if I say to him….you tell me God, I’ll go with you today.

3 comments on “You tell me, I’ll go with you

  1. Brian Suman says:

    Where are we going today?

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