Caution: Sidewalk Ends

There is a new subdivision being built near my home. I actually pass by it every time I go to Brian’s house. It’s got one of those fancy, schmancy community names like Harbortowne or something crazy that doesn’t have anything to do with the cornfield in which it sits. I’ve watched this subdivision begin and grow over the course of the past year. Recently a sidewalk was formed and poured leading from the entrance of the community. I thought it a bit peculiar at the time, because, as I said, the community is surrounded by fields, but I then I figured it would perhaps become like a walking path around the subdivision. Each day that I passed I saw more forms constructed and more concrete poured. One day I noticed that it looked as if the work had stopped. There were no more little orange flags indicating that the sidewalk was under construction, no more workers smoothing out the surface. It was finished. The sidewalk that came out of the community snaked out to the street, wrapped around down a slight hill…and then dead-ended right into a field. It was a path that led nowhere. Every time I pass by I have to giggle and even though it see it at least 10 times a week, the whole thing still perplexes me a bit. Why would anyone walk on a sidewalk that only leads them to the middle of nowhere? Hmmm. I guess maybe the reason I take notice of this sidewalk each time I drive by is because I think there is a bigger meaning. For a long time, I had no idea what path I was on. I just knew I was on one…one that I thought looked good. One that the world told me I needed to be one. But one that led nowhere. Now, while I was on that path – I thought it was an awesome one. Just like that newly poured, smooth sidewalk, my path was appealing and I pleasing. But it was just for show. It had no purpose. It was empty. I am so thankful that God worked on my heart, and didn’t ever give up on me. I am so happy that the seeds that had been planted – and that had been dormant for so long – have taken root in my life. God has me on HIS path now. It’s an amazing journey walking in His light. It’s a path filled with purpose and meaning. His sidewalk is leading me to deeper understanding of His love and His will for me. God’s path for my life doesn’t have an end…it stretches out beyond this life into eternity. I am grateful for all that God puts in my path – even when I’m frustrated, broken down, hurt, or scared. I am thankful that God’s love guides me daily on my walk with him. What path are you on? Where does your sidewalk end?

4 comments on “Caution: Sidewalk Ends

  1. Julie, wow…so different from how I remember you in high school. God is so good in how HE can change a life. His path is the only path and while we may stray He is always with us. May God continue to bless your journey!!

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