I bet $20 he can walk on water!

I love my daddy! I have been so blessed with an awesome father here on earth. He’s lovingly known as Papa to his 13 grandchildren. And will always be daddy to me (even though my siblings make fun of me for still calling him ‘daddy’ at 41 years of age). My daddy is such a Godly, patient, smart, wonderful human being. He’s the kind of guy who can “fix” anything – whether he has the proper tools or not. No matter what the problem, he can figure a way to fix it – kind of like MacGyver. He has built many amazing buildings, furniture, and now he’s even painting. He’s been a preacher my whole life and truly knows the word. Overall, an awesome example and model for me to have has growing up. Now I know all of these things about my daddy – and I know my admiration for him…but I didn’t really understand how my kids saw him – or knew him – until just the other day. We were driving down our road, and here came my daddy from the other direction. We both stopped and rolled down our windows. When he asked where we were headed, I told him that the kids’ dad was taking them to Perfect North to go tubing with a bunch of friends. Daddy chuckled and said “Wonderful, wondrful, wonderful” (but not the creepy way that Lawrence Welk used to say it…more in a jolly way). It was just a cute, genuine reaction that made us all smile. As we pulled away, I remarked to my kids how much I love that man…and that I pray that his upcoming surgery goes well. I may have said something like, “I love that man…I hope that he does ok at the hospital next week.” My daughter looked at me a bit puzzled and replied, “Mom…he’s the Papa. Nohing bad will happen! He can do anything. He’s Papa.” It was the sweetest most innocent remark! I smiled and reminded her that he was almost 70 and that while I was sure everything would be fine, that I was still praying. She reassured me again saying, “Mom, seriously…Papa can do anything! He’s amazing…he’s like 70 and can do it all.” She paused, smiled real big at me and then said, “I bet 20 bucks he can walk on water!” My emotions ran from all out laughter to happy tears upon hearing my 10 year old daughter express such admiration for my daddy – her papa. My son, who to this point, had just been a causal observer piped in and agreed with her. He called him Superman. It was heartwarming to hear my children talk about this man that I love so much with the same respect and adoration. I called my daddy as soon as I dropped the kids off to share the whole conversation with him. I didn’t want to risk at all the chance that I might not be able to share their feelings and admiration. I want him to know that he is loved and honored and adored by all of us!

2 comments on “I bet $20 he can walk on water!

  1. Sandra Stidham says:

    What a wonderful tribute! I know he was so touched by all this. I miss him being in my life more but it warms my heart to know he is so loved and appreciated by you and your kids. Thanks so much for writing this!

    • Jules Smith says:

      I was so touched to know that my kids see him the same way I see him. Papa can do anything! Thanks so much for reading my stuff! Hope you have a blessed New Year. I have on my list of resolutions to visit family more this year! I can’t wait to come down home!

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