There are green beans in my closet!

I have spent a couple of days of my time off work cleaning, re-organizing, getting rid of the old and adding the new. To some people, this may sound like a dreadful way to spend my break, but for me it is glorious. Its one of my most favorite things about this time of year. I love this time of year, not for all the presents, family and food (ok – maybe the food). I love this time of year for the chance to start over.  It is a time of renewal. The blank calendar represents endlless possibilities and opportunities. I’ve always been one to make resolutions. I love the idea of fresh starts. I’ve never been really good at keeping my resolutions, but I’m ok with that. That’s the beauty of the new year – another chance to try again – a “do over.” The new year comes with so much promise. We can make of it what we choose. We can do things or say things that we did not do or say in the prior year. When I was a kid, we used to play endless games of kickball with our next door neighbors (there were 8 kids who lived next door). At times, I play would be too close to call, or disputed between all 11 of us. So what did we do? Do over!  When all else fails, do over. But there was a catch. Each team only go 2 do overs per game (otherwise the games may have never ended). I have many fond memories of those games, and looking back I learned some important lessons about life. It’s ok to need a do over. We all do. And God grants them to us without question. We are allowed to fail at resolutions…its okay if we mess up. God does do overs – no limit. How thankful I am that I serve a God who loves me through all of my do overs. So essentially, everyday in God’s kingdom is like New Year’s Day. I get to start the day trying my best to be the person God made me to be (resolutions), and when I fall short (and I do often) I get to start over in God’s eyes. I don’t deserve this chance at renewal, and there is nothing that I have done or could ever do to earn it. It comes from the grace of God – and for the love He has for me. The kind of love that He sent His own son to die for me – so that I could be renewed. Thank you God for that kind of love…for that renewal. God’s love lets me clean out the old, and bring in the new. God’s love provides endless possibilities and opportunities. God’s love is a fresh start.

2 comments on “There are green beans in my closet!

  1. Brian Suman says:

    Love the title because I know… you really do have green beans in your closet.

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