Because He first loved me

Life is frustrating…especially when you’re a control freak (that word is harsh..but appropriate). When things don’t go the way I think they should, it gets under my skin. It affects my mood, my outlook, and my motivation. I know all of this and yet I still let myself get frustrated. Hmm…guess that means I’m not perfect – life’s not perfect. Sometimes lessons have to be learned the difficult way. I think that God puts me in situations that will allow me to grow in areas that He knows I am lacking. In the midst of the storm, it is hard to be thankful to God for those lessons, but when I remove the emotions and stop and pray about whats happening, I am thankful for a Father who loves me enough to want to change me. Life without storms was never promised. In fact, Jesus taught His disciples an important lesson in the midst of a storm. There is a famous “celebrity” pastor who speaks often about the great life that God has in store for us. He, at times, equates this great life with new jobs, bigger homes, financial security, if we only allow God to bless us with them. Really?!? A very good friend of mine put it very nicely just the other day. Pastor Felix said, “Preachers are preaching what Jesus can do for us (i.e prosperity). He did it all at Calvary. Who is preaching what WE can do for Jesus? 1 John 4:19. We love him, because he first loved us.” This quote really made me see my frustrations in a new light. Yes, I believe in God and I love him and want to spend my life serving him and furthering his kingdom here on Earth. No doubt. But God did not promise me that if I lived my life for him that there would be no more troubles or frustrations. As Felix said – God already gave me the ultimate gift when he died for me. What more could anyone give? I need to count that as the biggest blessing ever and learn to count my frustrations as blessings as well. I need to ask myself and my heavenly father what it is that I can be doing for him on a daily basis. He is in control…the creator of the universe is teaching me lessons about life and about myself. And while those lessons feel like struggles and are frustrating and difficult, He loves me enough to continue working on me.

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