This Christmas

I used to get very depressed this time of year. Every year, about the middle of November, I would feel the dark cloud of depression begin to settle in over me. I love the buzz in the air, the festivities and the overall spirit of the holidays, so I never really quite understood why I had to fight against the blues annually. This year, however, I believe I have finally turned a corner. I have been freed of those feelings of sadness and depression. It is not anything that I have done myself – and definitely not on my own. This freedom from the chains of depression came from God. He is so good to me and gives me what I need to be the person that I truly want to be and to be the person that he knows I can be for him. Brian and I, through Faith Passage and through Foundation Community Church, have made it a big focus this year to give to others. God has put it on our hearts to share His love with others, but providing food and gifts for families in need. This in turn has changed my whole holiday season outlook. That whole “better to give than to receive” thing…turns out its true! My focus is no longer on fighting my emotions at Christmas, but rather  it has changed to doing all I can do (with God) to make someone else feel loved. It has already been an amazing holiday season, and I plan on enjoying every minute of this Christmas. I know that God has a plan laid out for me and that he is on control. What an awesome freedom I have found in him. Knowing the love he has for me gives me such a purpose in my life…to share that love with others.

2 comments on “This Christmas

  1. Ron Huffman says:

    I have to agree that giving is so much better that recieving, I know I don’t know you are Brian but we are all children of God. I can tell how he is moving in your lives. I believe that what you are feeling now in your life Is the Joy that God gives us…

    • Jules Smith says:

      We are all his children, which is a blessed bond! He is moving in our lives in so many ways. We just had to figure out how to get out of His way and listen to His will. I believe that you are right about the Joy that I am feeling. Thank you so much for your comments. May he bless you richly in the upcoming year.

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