1. Your plans are not always God’s plans
2. God will prove His faithfulness to you
3. God will place people in your life to bless you…for this I am forever grateful!
4. God will remove people from your life that may cause harm to you or the church
5. You will have to make some of the hardest decisions you have ever made
6. Sometimes you will want to quit!  Your human…just sayin…
7. Living in the center of God’s will is not always easy…but it sure is rewarding
8. Your feelings will get hurt…thats par for the course!
9. You will get ahead of God and he will have put you in check…especially me…I’m hard headed…lol
10. People will let you down…they are human too!
11. Church planting is like raising kids…”sometimes hard but super rewarding”

God Bless!

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