Lean into it

About a year ago, Joe Boyd taught me a very important lesson while speaking at Vineyard Community Church. It’s a lesson that has been pivotal in my life and in my journey over the past year. Joe is a great storyteller…and a history lover and I think that is one reason this particular lesson is still so fresh in my mind. He talked about the Wright brothers and their passion for inventing and their desire to fly…and how other people doubted and just didn’t “get it.” (Of course he told their story much more creatively and eloquently than I am recounting it here). The lesson here was that they – like we should do – leaned into their fears. I walked away from that night with that phrase embedded into my vocabulary and into my mindset. Lean into it…Two years ago, I could have never imagined that I would be walking into churches and leading worship with Brian Suman. I never imagined I would even be on a stage singing in front of people. But I have learned to lean into my fears…and I’m still learning. There are still situations where I know God has led us, and I feel confident that we are following His plan, but yet I’m still freaking out! I’m learning rather than melting down with anxiety to lean into those things that make me uncomfortable and listen to God and to do His will. He always takes care of me. I’m so glad that I was present that night that Joe Boyd stood up and used this phrase. It truly has impacted my thought processes and the way I live my life every day.

2 comments on “Lean into it

  1. Sandra Stidham says:

    Love the phrase “Lean into your fears.” I am going to remember that and try to use it myself. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jules Smith says:

      Every time I start to feel anxious or worried I try and tell myself to lean into my fears. It has not only helped me when haring our music, but also just in approaching people and sharing about God. Thanks so much for reading my blog! Hope you have a blessed day! Love you, Jules

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