Missing mom

My parents are away visiting my baby sister in Canada. They have been gone for almost 3 weeks now. Since life has gotten so busy, I usually don’t see my mom everyday – sometimes we go for two or three weeks without seeing each other…but there’s just something about her being so far away right now. I miss her. She’s always there to help me with the kids at a moment’s notice. I can always call and ask her those stupid questions I’m embarrassed to ask anyone else. Life gets crazy and we don’t talk nearly as much as we used to…but she’s still mom. I wrote this poem several years back about her. I’ll be glad when she’s back home.

You taught me…

You taught me that
It’s okay to nap
In the tub

You taught me to
Give of myself
To those who need

You taught me that
There is no such thing
As too many shoes

You taught me that
Laughter is key
To a good life

You taught me that
Sometimes the cookie dough
Is as good as the cookie

You taught me the
Most important thing ever…
How to be a Mom

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