Today, at the end of yet another exhausting school day, I stumbled into the teacher workroom. It usually takes me about 15 minutes after the students leave for the day to de-tune and re-group before I can even think about the pile of work that awaits me in my classroom. Today, when I checked my mailbox, hoping there was not more work to add to my list, I was so surprised to find a king size of my favorite candy bar. Attached to this 2.6 oz. treasure was a note that simply said “Sending positive thoughts your way…” This made my day! I was truly touched that someone thought enough of me to take the time to buy my favorite candy bar (or to even know what my favorite candy bar is), to attach a note, and to sneak it into my mailbox. Wow…how special that random act of kindness was to me. I will make it a point to “pay it forward” tomorrow and try to make someone else smile. Hopefully, someday we will live in a world where random acts of kindness become less random and more the norm.

4 comments on “Random…

  1. Ron Huffman says:

    Random acts of Kindness is just one small step that could lead this world to a better place. I agree I wish we could live in a world where that was common. But just remember It starts with us, The Follower of Christ. See we understand what unconditional love is all about. This is a gift that God has given us, and its our responsibility to show others.

  2. Jules Smith says:

    Ron, thanks for your comments. The best way to bring people to God is by demonstrating His love.

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