I’ll show you overwhelmed…

I recently blogged about being overwhelmed – by good. About counting my blessings even when things did not initially appear to be blessings. Perhaps God thinks I needed a few more “lessons” where this subject matter is concerned. There are times in life when it just seems that everything is stacking up against you…and its times like those that counting blessings is a difficult exercise. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I had planned a fun day at King’s Island water park. Each of the kids was going to have a friend there, and I was going to lounge in my chair and do a little summer reading. Seemed simple enough. As we waited to turn into the water park I smelled chlorine…but knew we weren’t close enough yet to be smelling the chlorine from the water there. Nearing the gate to pay for our parking, the smell became nearly overwhelming. The night before I had picked up a few gallons of chlorine for the pool, but had gotten them out and used them…well all but one it turns out. Apparently the “safety” cap on this bottle to prevent spilling wasn’t exactly effective. Let’s just say, a gallon of chlorine in the trunk of the car leaves a mess of everything in its wake. Fast forward a few hours…we had a great day doing what we came to do at the park and are leaving to try and hurry to pick up Faith Passage’s hot-off-the-press banner. We fight the 90+ degree heat with the windows down (still overwhelmed by the smell of chlorine), and rush hour traffic to get to the sign company before they close. The excitement of picking up the new banner was doing a fine job of making me forget the chemical mess in my trunk. Until I went to pay for the banner – and realized that I didn’t have my bank card – and the last time I had seen it was at King’s Island. So let’s re-cap here for a moment…I’ve got a gallon of chlorine soaking in my trunk, (several towels, t-shirts and even a basketball uniform all showing the effects), and now I have a missing debit card (lost at a busy amusement park), and I’m standing in the sign store in my swimsuit and cover up with no way to pay for this fabulous new banner. Stay with me here…this is where the counting your blessings part comes in. I probably had every right to break down and kick, scream, pout, cry, or all of the above. And I won’t lie, I did consider each of those options. And I think that Greg, at the sign store, was preparing himself to witness one or all of those options. But I stopped for a moment and thought about my blessings. As Greg expressed his sympathies for me and my rough day it hit me that there were blessings to be counted here. First, I am blessed to live in a house with a pool, for which I have to buy chlorine. I am blessed to have a car in which the chlorine can wreak havoc. I am blessed to be able to take my children to King’s Island where I lost my debit card. I am blessed to have money in the bank that could have (but wasn’t) been stolen from me. And as I began to count, I felt ashamed that I almost chose a lesser option as a way to deal with this situation. I believe that little moments like this – small decisions to count blessings or find the positives not only affect me – but they can have affects on others as well. Maybe there will be a point in time that my children will be faced with things and they will remember to count their blessings. So at the end of yesterday and it with all of its craziness, I was overwhelmed…I was overwhelmed with blessings.


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