Small blessings

This morning I am faced by the always present pile of pool/beach towels. Dozens of them…waiting to be washed – again – folded and stacked. It has become my morning ritual, gathering damp – sometimes soaked – towels from around the pool, chairbacks, bathroom floors, and occasionally hanging from a towel rack – go figure. Now, one might think that I am complaining about this morning routine…but I am not. I actually am counting it as a blessing. I am blessed to have two wonderful, healthy children to spend time in the pool this summer. I am blessed to have three more children in my life who help create happy pool memories that will last forever. The giant stack of pool towels each day are a reminder of how much I do have and how happy it makes me to be surrounded by family and those I love. So this morning, I’m counting that big load of laundry as a small blessing!

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