>The word overwhelmed has been in my vocabulary a lot it seems recently. I have found myself thinking about that word often. Initially I thought that it might be my creative voice nudging me to start writing our next song. But then I began to hear that word in conversations, other songs, see it in books, blogs, and tweets. And then, as I sat this morning drinking coffee and reflecting on the past weekend, I realized that my life – my world – is overwhelming. I am overwhelmed by God’s plan as it unfolds for me. I am overwhelmed by the love of a wonderful man. I am overwhelmed by the amazing people I meet nearly every day. I am overwhelmed by two children who give me purpose. I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to share my passion with others. I am overwhelmed by the grace of a loving God who sent his son for me. My list could go on and on and on…so much so that it becomes almost overwhelming! There was a time when I was overwhelmed with sadness and doubts and fear – and could never imagine the idea of being overwhelmed by “good.” I am blessed to be able to see this side of overwhelmed.

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