>I’m learning more and more everyday that I have to be open to and to listen for opportunities. What I used to believe were “amazing coincidences” I now understand to be opportunities placed in front of me by God. I am learning to recognize opportunities to serve, to love, to care for and to listen as I progress on my journey. And I’m also learning that I may never know or see the results of some of those opportunities taken. That is not always up to me to see…my job is to listen to what God says and to act. He has the rest. At Christmas time, Faith Passage (our “band”) – along with many, many generous donations and help – had the opportunity to bless a family with Christmas. This family was a single mom with 6 children – 3 of whom attend the school where I teach. Mom was very young, and very lost…We were able to provide a BIG Christmas for each one of the 6 kids – and I got the chance to meet Mom and let her know that she was loved by God – regardless of what she had done. I found out this morning when the kids got to school that Mom died two days ago of a drug overdose. My first thoughts after my heart broke for the kids were that I wished I had been able to do something or say something that may have changed her path completely. But then I reflected and realized that we had taken the opportunity that God had presented…we did it in His name – and we let her know that she was loved by a wonderful God. We did our job…I wish the ending would have been better…but that may have been the only time in this young woman’s life that she was told she was truly loved. I am thankful that we were able to serve her family in the way we did, and thankful that I shared God’s love with her. I don’t understand why things happen the way they do, and I probably never will…but I do know that I plan to live the rest of my life watching and listening for every opportunity possible to show God’s love.

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