>So I originally thought that this blog would be just about my experiences as a singer for Faith Passage – and about that journey. But I feel moved to make it more about ALL that is going on in life…because there is so much good to share. I am currently on an “all church” journey at the Vineyard called “Open.” It is a study (really more about experiences) in becoming more open to others and to sharing God’s love. We are just starting week 4 and I must say that the journey has been powerful so far. I have taken a difficult look inward and have discovered that I wasn’t really as “open” as I thought or as I want to be. And I have found that being open is pretty hard for me. But why? I love God – I am proof that He does amazing things with broken people…why not shout that from the mountain tops? Why not let everyone in on how wonderful a personal relationship is with God? Well, I’m still learning the answers to all of these tough questions…and I am growing as I learn. I am thankful for the lessons learned so far…and I am “open” to all the lessons that are to come.

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