>Music to God’s Ears

>Over the past few months Faith Passage has been blessed with the opportunity to play in several different venues for many different people. I love sharing our music and our faith any place and any time. We have walked into places not knowing a single person in the room, plugged in and played. We have sung and played songs on the fly – sometimes reading chords and words upside down, sharing the stage with strangers – who quickly become friends. We have battled through equipment issues, missed notes, forgotten words, and numerous other obstacles. And what always keeps me going is that it is music to God’s ears. We write songs to share our faith. We sing and play to praise and worship Him. We perform to inspire others with our story. And it’s all music to His ears. That is a comforting feeling…one that I remind myself of just when my nerves start to get the best of me. I am so blessed to sing for Faith Passage…so blessed that this is the path that God has placed me on…and I can’t wait to see wait else lies ahead.

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