>I heard a question on the radio the other day about the year that is about to end. What one event from 2010 will be the most memorable to you? This time of year brings all kinds of lists about the year that is ending. Who got married, who died, top songs, top movies, etc…The question really made me think about the crazy roller coaster of a year I have had and I began to think about THE most memorable event of 2010.

The more I thought, the more overwhelmed I became by the amazing year I have had. There were points in the year that I truly didn’t want to go on…and then times that I wished the year would never end. What I realized was that I had such a great year that I had to create my own list – that there was no way I could narrow my 2010 down to one single event. So here’s my 2010 end of the year list:

1) I reconnected/rededicated/completely surrendered my life to God – again!
2) I met the man that God truly made for me – and fell in love!
3) I learned how to dream again!

Now that is a year!

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